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Match Review: Read the Complete Guide

Match Review
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 23-34
Profiles 34 000 000
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Continually improved matching algorithm that incorporates user feedback and behavior
  • Extensive search and discovery opportunities
  • New features and functionalities regularly added
  • Approval on the site is not instant
  • Month-to-Month costs is higher than average
  • Online to offline process can be lengthy

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There are many different dating sites available on the web today. These sites vary in various respects, and they allow people all over the world to meet and connect. The Match is one of the oldest dating platforms on the web. The website is owned and operated by the match groups, which also operates a variety of other dating websites on the internet. In this review, we will go deep into the inner working of this website and all its features. If you are looking to try out Match for the first time and are trying to figure out what it is about, then this is the guide for you.

What is the Match?

What is the Match?

The Match is a dating website that has been in existence since 1993. Initially, it was used as a medium to test the viability of a classified ads website built around dating. The first adopters of the site we’re given free lifetime access to the website and its features. Since its inception, the website has seen an upward growth in numbers as users are continually signing up to the site in an attempt to find true love.

The website is on a mission to provide all paying members with an experience they will never forget. Match.com promises to give its members a service that will be the best value for their money and time. The website operates on an extension policy. If paying members do not find their Match within six months, they will be granted another six months free of charge. The website also claims to have provided more relationships, matches, and marriages than its competitors.

How does it Work?

How does Work Match?

Match operates a matches tab where users can see potential matches. The suggested profiles are displayed in this tab, and users have the option of liking or skipping the profiles. It is the main way for people to meet on the website, and it is quite a necessary option. Profiles that are liked by users are placed in a ‘like’ list while the liked profiles are notified. Skipping a profile will provide users with the next possible Match on the list.

The website has a discover function that users can use to search for keywords. The search filters available include location, age, gender, personal bio, interests, appearance, lifestyle, and other filters. This personalization of search filters makes the search feature on match.com quite powerful. It allows users to be extremely specific about what they want; hence they can find a perfect match. Search queries can be saved, and users can personalize how they want their search results displayed.


Registration Match?

Registering an account will not take up much of your time. You can get your account all set up in a minute by following a few simple steps. New users will be asked to provide an email address, country and state of residence, gender, birthday, and any other relevant information. Match.com has a special gay signup section for queer users.

Once you have selected a suitable username and password, you will be taken to the profile building page. Here, you will have to fill in relevant details about yourself. The profile builder is a series of short steps users will have to follow to create a suitable profile for their account. Here, users will be required to fill in personal details such as relationship status, body weight, height, age, and other relevant personal details.

Users will also need to compose a bio (also known as an ‘about me’). It is a short paragraph with a character limit of 100, so you will need to make this count. Write the most compelling things about yourself as it will be a way of you putting your best foot forward. The next step is to upload a profile photo. You can proceed without submitting a photo, but you are advised to upload a clear and reasonable picture of yourself.

When you have completed your profile, you do not need to verify your email. Instant log in option is available using the details you have created, and you can begin using the app to search for matches. Now, whenever you come back to the platform, all you need to do is input your login details, and you are back on track.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

The interface of match.com is well designed and optimized. It is clean and easy to use and navigate. All the information you need is easily accessible and visible on your dashboard, and it is a website news user can master quickly.

It employs a minimalist design by removing unnecessary elements. It makes it easier to find what is needed and focus on the essential things. The website replaces words as a means of identification and uses icons instead. So if you want to find anything on the website, you will need to know what each icon means. Using icons makes it easier to make the website minimalist.

The two dominant and only colors on the website are white and blue. Although it employs pink as a highlighting mechanism, the simple color scheme makes the site easy on the eyes and gives it a pleasurable aesthetic and feel. The design choices employed by match.com makes users able to use the website for long hours without too much discomfort.

Profile Quality

Match.com profiles are top-notch as they give users the ability to be as expressive as possible. Users can be as detailed as they want so much so that other users can get a sense of who they are by looking at their profiles. The profiles show a list of questions answered during creation, and a user wrote a profile summary. It also has a photo gallery that you will upload. The profile also contains interests and hobbies, making it easy to see if someone is ideal for you.

Match profiles have a compatibility score. Each user is granted a rating based on whose profile they are visiting. Interests influence the score, questions answered, and what each user is searching for. Profiles of users will display 3 suggested similar profiles for you to view based on whose profile you are viewing.

Match has a higher percentage of genuine profiles to fake ones when compared with its competitors. It is quite a feat considering the site does not have a verification process. Another contributing factor could be services such as message sending is a paid feature, and this discourages fraudulent individuals from reaching their targets.

If you suspect an account or profile is fake, you can report it, and swift action will be taken to verify the legitimacy of the report. The ‘report’ function will need users to upload a photo to complete the action. Reporting a profile will have to be done on that profile by clicking the menu icon (three dots).

The Mobile Application

If you want to use this beautiful app on the go, you will need to download it from either the Play Store or App Store for Android and iOS, respectively. The app isn’t large and requires just a bit of space to install.

There are no extra benefits or perks attached to downloading the mobile app. It is just a mobile version of the website and helps users who will love to access the service on their mobile devices. The significant difference between the app and the site is the ease of use. The app has been designed to be seamless and easy to navigate. Consider it a simple version of an already simple website. It is also easier for users to start a conversation on the mobile app and follow up on them than it is on the web.

The app interface is clean, simple, and contains all features that the web version has. Member profiles can also be accessed, and features have been embedded in simple action buttons that are easy to deploy. The mobile version also makes it easy to contact matches and start a conversation.

Safety & Security

Match.com is a safe and secure website. It employs the use of top-grade encryption and protection. It takes security seriously and protects the profiles and credit information of its users. It also ensures that interaction between users is above board, and no fraudulent acts are committed.


Pricing Match

Match.com has three packages, namely, Boost, Standard, and Premium plans. The boost plans start as low as $0.60, Standard plans start from $7.99, and Premium plans start from $8.99. Pick any of the plans you are comfortable with, as you will find that they are all very affordable.

Help & Support

Match has top-notch website support that is available 24/7. You can contact them with your complaints and inquiries, and they will respond quickly with a solution or answer. If you need extensive help, you can send a mail to their customer representatives so you will get a proper response to your query.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the service.

Is Match Safe?

Yes, Match is safe. It is a well-protected site that takes users’ privacy and security seriously. It is protected using top-notch software that integrates top of the line security.

Is Match a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Match.com is a real dating site. To find out more, sign up to their website and get matching.

How to Use Match?

How to Use Match?

The Match can be used by signing up to the website. You then create a profile and then start looking for potential matches till you find someone you like.

Is Match Free?

No, it isn’t free. There is a free and a paid version. The free one boasts its limitations while the paid version has the full functions of the website.

Does Match Work?

Yes, Match.com works. If you know what you are looking for in an ideal partner, you can search for them and find them on the website.


If you are looking for a safe and serene environment to meet a soulmate, then this is the place for you. The website is easy to use, and it gives users the ability to express themselves. It employs a system that makes it super easy to talk and engage with other users. Find your Match today by joining Match.com. You won’t regret it.

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